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About Copa Cabbana

A quest for the best combined with fond memories of her beautiful life led Jennifer Sossna-McGrath to establish Copa Cabbana. Inspirations for her fragrance blends were drawn from exposure to living in various countries as contrasting and exotic as Egypt and Thailand. She harnessed this power of scent in a tightly edited, other worldly selection that triggers the imagination and brings back memories of the East. The herbal yet citrusy Thai lemongrass evokes a luxury resort spa’s natural treatment oils and teas. The use of Vitamin C brings to mind the flavour of a Pomelo salad prepared on a Koh Samui beach.  Powdery notes melting into the sweetness of cocoa, vanilla and fig transport you to fruit and nut stands in an Arabic souk. The heady and warm combination of night blooming South East Asian jasmine and the elegance of white orchids sends you on a trail through a dewy Oriental garden at dusk. 

Our StoryCopa Cabbana is the result of founder Jennifer Sossna-McGrath’s process of physical healing but it was her wedding that proved the catalyst for the brand’s production. While putting together hampers for her wedding in Thailand, she had the idea of including an aftersun cooling gel which she thought her guests could use after frolicking in the Andaman Sea.

When she settled in Thailand 14 years ago, she experienced physical imbalances as a result of stress and using the wrong types of beauty products. The problem resulted in hair loss which was so bad that she says, “My hairdresser told me I had to stop using regular shampoos and use only natural or baby shampoo.” Frustrated with what was available in the market, her supplier created a formulation for her which, with continued use, healed and strengthened her hair. The results are available online as Tea Tree and Lemongrass Shampoos.

Setting up the company, therefore, was in many ways a natural process for her. The name COPA CABBANA inspired by the famous Barry Manilow tune, represents everything that captivates her about life on holiday in Asia, enjoying open waters in the company of friends aboard a yacht and lounging poolside by day, breezy and quiet walks on the shore at sunset and the glamour of beach nightlife.

Jennifer was raised in a culture of physical, olfactory and ambient beauty and heightened senses because both her parents work in luxury service and travel industries. Her mother also passed on many Asian beauty practices to her that influenced the Copa Cabbana line. Soft palates of colour were chosen for the design and packaging to allure sophistication with a modern feel and evoke a sense of fun, reminiscent of a holiday by the beach. But it was the tropics of Asia that captivated her most and Asian orientated scents were primarily picked to represent the Copa Cabbana brand.

Copa Cabbana’s fragrance blends such as Lemongrass, White Orchid and Jasmine, Pomelo and Fig aim to restore a natural balance in the body and have been created in Thailand and formulated by one of Thailand’s premiere spa product suppliers who advocates the use of only the best essential oils. They are therefore manufactured in small batches for quality assurance. The formulations will not interfere with your regular scent or perfume. In fact, they form delightful yet unobtrusive fragrance bases free from parabens and sulfates.

It is here that Copa Cabbana will bring you on a journey that will truly entice, indulge and uplift you. It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you into Copa Cabbana’s home, my hope for you all is that you all leave using Copa Cabbana products taking a little bit of that tropical relaxed attitude with you.


Copa Cabbana Baby and Mommy Product Line

Jennifer loves the gentleness of baby products and thought of doing a mommy and baby bath and beauty line just as many of her friends were starting families. Copa Cabbana Baby has been specifically formulated for babies to be extra mild with a combination blend of cocoa, vanilla and fig and help soften your baby’s skin. Considered a daily essential, this luscious sweet powdery scent with an earth element is here to nurture your baby’s skin.

At a time when your skin is changing the most, moms and moms to be all deserve a little pampering from time to time. Copa Cabbana Mommy collection is designed to provide comfort and support during pregnancy and after your baby’s arrival.


Copa Cabbana Bow Wow Product Line

The BOW WOW pet care line was also borne out of a special need and introduced only a few months after she started the company. Jennifer has two Pekingese named Fluffy and Snowy who have moved all over the world with her. One of her dogs had skin issues and benefitted from the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities of Lemongrass essential oil, which is used in every BOW WOW product.  Lemongrass is also a natural flea and tick repellent. The collection includes regular and anti-flea shampoos, a pet balm and a deodorizing spray.